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LEGO Club Magazine (formerly known as Brick Kicks (Bricks 'n Pieces in the UK), LEGO Mania Magazine and then simply LEGO Magazine until 2008) is the Official Magazine of The LEGO Club. It has many features such as special offers, comics, games, contests, modeling tips, and more.

Variations Edit

There are several different versions of LEGO Club Magazine:

  • LEGO Club Magazine - A playbook featuring comics, building ideas, cool creations, and games. First seen in the US in fall of 1987.

  • LEGO BrickMaster Magazine - The "premium" version of LEGO Club Magazine with more pages and exclusive content. First seen in November 2005. Beginning in November 2007, exclusive sets from Indiana Jones, Star Wars, BIONICLE, Creator, and City were included with the magazine exclusively for Brickmaster members. 

  • School Edition - A new edition with educational articles relating to LEGO themes and products, games, activities and more. 

  • LEGO Club Jr. - First seen in Jan/Feb 2007, LEGO Club Jr is a version of the magazine specifically designed for readers younger than six years old.

  • International Variations - Different countries around the world often receive variations on the US edition of the magazine. Such variations include Bricks and Pieces, LEGO World Club, and LEGO Adventures Magazine.

BIONICLE comics Edit

Exclusive BIONICLE comic books were, from 2001 to 2010 released with LEGO Club and Brickmaster magazines.

Mascot Edit

The LEGO Club's current mascot is Max, a minifigure who first appeared in 2008 and has since gone on to appear in the majority of issues since. He will often introduce readers to new themes featured in the Magazine, or talk about upcoming events or changed to the LEGO Club website.

Previous LEGO Club Magazine mascots include:

The Great Redini was a floating minifigure head with a turban, who answered questions from LEGO Club members in early issues of LEGO Magazine. 

The LEGO Maniac was commonly found in issues of LEGO Mania Magazine, where he would hand out building tips, inform readers about contests, and adventure with minifigures in short comics.